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Maybe This Time

4 Sep

I think this is my theme song for High School. It has everything I love jazz music,Broadway,and much more. The thing I love the most about the song I relate to it so well. As the song goes on the lyrics get better and better maybe my high school experience will go like the song. Hopefully.I can only wait and see. 🙂
Here are the lyrics:
Maybe this time, I’ll be lucky
Maybe this time, he’ll stay
Maybe this time
For the first time
Love won’t hurry away

He will hold me fast
I’ll be home at last
Not a loser anymore
Like the last time
And the time before

Everybody loves a winner
So nobody loved me;
‘Lady Peaceful,’ ‘Lady Happy,’
That’s what I long to be
All the odds are in my favor
Something’s bound to begin
It’s got to happen, happen sometime
Maybe this time I’ll win

Thursday Night Lights( A Week Late)

2 Sep

Sorry ,it’s a week late but high school tires you out. So last week on the first day of school they switched the varsity football game to Thursday instead of Friday.The football game was moved because of BIG BAD HURRICANE IRENE(it wasn’t all that big and bad actually). This football game is usually the biggest of the season.First Game.Arch Rivals.So it’s a big deal.For all that didn’t know I’m in pep band… so yea I’m a band dork and very important part of football season. Don’t Hate.
The biggest thing wasn’t our band having a battle with another band or me passing a guy who doesn’t know I exist (well he does but then doesn’t.. possible I think he thinks I’m weird like everyone else …any-who)the biggest thing is that OUR TEAM almost WON!They were two points away it was GLORIOUS! It’s kinda been eight long years. It was a change from last year 47-21. This game pulled at my heart-strings, my eye strings and all my other strings. It was all like they had the ball we’re gonna win,we’re not gonna win and then they lost the ball and lost the game. After the game as the band,cheerleaders and most of all the football players walked buses… everyone was a little down and out. As saw some of my fellow band geeks/jocks come to band room you had to feel sorry for them. After all the losing I had the BEST TIME EVER! It was pretty good for THURSDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! :)I thought I would share my favorite Pep Band Song(This is NOT my school):

A Fresh Start

23 Aug

High school will be a whole different ballgame.I’m ready to discover all the possibilities of my new-found freedom. So tonight is open house and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been talking about being in high school all summer and now its only two days away. I really can’t believe I’m going to high school. I’m Growing up…WOW! I just Can’t wait for my fresh start and the new possibilities.
xoxo ,
Mad ♥

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